Disinfection services

The process of disinfecting an office, school, warehouse, shop , taxi and vehicle is quick, efficient and with minimum disruption to your business. Rajies Cleaning Services makes use of commercial cold fogging mist  and Thermal fogging of disinfectant covering all surface areas. Our disinfectant cleans 99% of all viruses including COVID-19.

Our chemicals are unique and are highly effective yet have a  very low
toxicity. It is non corrosive and does not oxides and therefore is safe on electronic equipment.
With our fogging system the disinfectant will reach all areas of the environment, offering total protection of the area both inside and outside.
The premises only need to be vacant for 2 hours. This allows for minimal downtime, so that
normal operations can quickly resume. All certification and safety data is available on request.

• Safe, quick and easy application on all surfaces with no harmful chemicals
• Decontaminate and kills 99.9% of all viruses including COVID-19
• The latest fogging technology equipment that delivers a dry fog
• Eco-Friendly, certified and tested chemicals against ALL groups of pathogens
• Residual action with continued protection for up to 5 days
• The technology we use is safe for electrical equipment
• Our operators are equipped with approved PPE

 now also offering disinfection solutions to combat covid-19

Thermal and Cold fogging

covers areas you cant reach


Spray and wipe

hard surface and peripheral cleaning